My Top Ten Travel Destinations

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If there is one thing I am constantly thinking about it is pizza… I mean traveling. I am forever looking up flights to places and dreaming of where I want to go next. Texas is my home but I always want to be somewhere different exploring the world. It was very hard to come up with my top ten places because I want to go everywhere. I don’t discriminate… I want to experience this entire world… the good and the bad. Mainly because I love finding the good in anything. Put me in the hood or put me in a five star hotel I will make the best of it. These are in no particular order except number one. NO PEEKING! Here are my top ten places:

10. Greece – I know this is a very cliche country to visit. It is on most women’s travel list. I typically travel with my best friend but I already told her that this is a destination I will wait to go on with my future husband. But, if that doesn’t change in a few years then she will be my top candidate 🙂


9. Japan – There’s something very surreal about Japan to me. I feel like the fashion, technology and sites are out of this world. It’s also very far from TX and a plane ride I am already not looking forward to. I am the World’s Pickiest eater so I can’t say I’m excited to try the food. The history of Japan is very intriguing to me and they seem a lot more friendly than their neighbors. Starts with an N and ends with an A.


8. France – Where to even begin when I speak of France… Elegance is the only word that comes to mind. Eating macaroons at Ladurée, seeing the Eiffel Tower, putting a lock on the Love Lock Bridge. It just seems so whimsical. Is it strange that apart from the fairy tale of Paris, i want to go on the Catacombs tour? It’s a huge part of French history and spooky. I love spooky! Can’t forget to mention


7. Morocco – I am not a real fan of Sex and the City but i did watch the movie where they went to Morocco. But ever since then i have wanted to go to Marrakech. The festivals, clothing and mosques just seem breathtaking. Definitely a culture that I find very appealing.


6. Jamaica – The birthplace of the Rasta I die for. Robert Nesta. Bob Marley. The beaches look unreal and I just really want to try some jerk chicken in its native home. Of course visit the Bob Marley Museum, and I love to dance so I want to experience the nightlife. Sorry guys… I won’t be smoking. I’m not that exciting. But I do like to have at least one glass or shot of the local beer or liquor. Yes, just one. If anyone can schedule a date with Damian Marley, i will love you forever.


5. UAE – After watching Furious 7, it sealed the deal of wanting to go there. I’m a boy when it comes to sports and cars. I just pray the owner of a Lykan Hypersport happens to take a spin while I’m walking the streets. I cannot even imagine living a life as luxurious as they do but, I sure would not mind experiencing their culture for a week. Of course the buildings are insane and the beaches look amazing. I will come back so burnt because I tan so easily. Not complaining.


4. South Africa – I blame the 2010 FIFA World Cup for my South African obsession. I lived for the aerial shots of South Africa. Truly breathtaking! How cool would it be to have lunch with Table Mountain as your view? Also, I cling to countries that I can visit that speak the English as one their official languages. And, of course SAFARI ADVENTURES!


3. Thailand– To me, Thailand has some of the most picturesque beaches in the world. My uncle visited once and said that the country overall was amazing. He’s a foodie and I’m not but I am excited to try the food, see the temples and visit as many beaches as possible. It was hard for me not to put this number one on my list. The other two places are just slightly more special.


2. Brasil– BEYOND excited to say I will be going (God willing) to Brasil in March 2016! This has always been a top destination on my list. I have never been to South America and my goal is to visit each Continent before i leave this earth minus Antarctica because… I mean get real. I ain’t down with -86 degree weather. (Thanks Wikipedia!)


1. Spain – The motherland… Of course this is the top destination for me because this is where my Robledo ancestors come from. I have actually been to Madrid but I was only in an airport so it didn’t count. I hold this country near to my heart (…y Mexico te quiero). I want to soak in as much knowledge and culture as possible when i get to visit. It is on my bucket list to meet a Robledo in Spain. I want to go to La Tomatina, la Feria de Abril, everything. I just need to live there for a few months. Until then, I feel incomplete. (Just being dramatic)


I know I left off some pretty amazing countries. I want to go everywhere. So far I have been to Mexico (mi genteeee), Republica Dominicana (my second home), Italy and Puerto Rico. All amazing places. Side-note to Antarctica: I would visit if I got the chance. You don’t go unnoticed. LOL! Hope you guys enjoyed… Ciao!

-Rach Dee


13 thoughts on “My Top Ten Travel Destinations

  1. Great selecion. I’m fascinated about South Africa as I’m traveling there in August for the very first time. After reading the little excerpt, I’m looknig forward to it even more. Btw, a great choice with Spain on 1! I just love the country! 🙂

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      1. Sadly, no. I’m not really an expert on widgets. However, I’d recommend to just put a little question in the wordpress forum. Usually, you’ll get help in just a few minutes 🙂


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